Dreßler Bau manufactures successfully with new mixer type

There is nothing that cannot be improved in the course of the years – also in mixing technology and mechanical engineering. This is true also of mixer type D23, with usable volumes of 1,500, 2,250, and 3,000 liters. The purpose is to provide manufacturers of concrete, lime-sandstone, refractory products, glass batches, and similar materials a cost-efficient and reasonably priced mixer that ensures the operator the time-tested Eirich technology.

The first type 23 mixer now operates successfully in the concrete industry, in the Stockstadt precast plant of Dressler Bau GmbH in Germany. There are not many companies in Germany that are as successful as Dreßler in construction for commercial and logistics facilities, industrial plants, and residential and retail buildings. Regularly added to this on a regular basis are cultural and historic buildings: for example, the Berlin Neues Museum and the Berlin Stadtschloss, for which Dreßler Bau, among others, delivered the architectural concrete façade.

Short mixing time

Dreßler Bau consistently banks on quality. Accordingly, it was only logical to consider investing in a more advanced mixing technology with still greater performance, already soon ­after the launch of the D23, and to replace the type DE22 mixer, installed in 1974, with the new D23.

“Our claim is to offer innovative and sustainable solutions and to consistently develop cost-efficient products for our customers. We use cutting-edge technologies and machines to justify our position in the market,” says Daniel Stanik, Plant Manager at Dreßler Bau GmbH.

No sooner said than done: in four-day concerted action– beginning on a Wednesday and ending at noon on Saturday – an old mixer was disassembled and the new one installed. Production started without problem, following a short test run supervised by specialists from Eirich.

The Plant Manager, Stanik, was highly satisfied with the result: “We will also use the new mixer for high-quality architectural concrete, for which the demands on the quality are becoming increasingly stringent. The results achieved with the new Eirich mixer have more than fulfilled our expectations – uniform, faultless surfaces, less binder, and definite savings in mix design changes. Added to this, we have double mix performance, definitely shorter mixing times, and greatly simplified cleaning.

Savings in superplasticizer

The concept of combining the time-tested Eirich mixing principle with the advantages of the earlier D series has thus added up. A rotating mixing pan feeds the material to the mixing tools, the same as with mixers in the D series. A rotating mixing star and a high-performance agitator ensure short mixing times and high homogeneity of the mix. The agitator tools, whose speed can be adjusted to the specific job, perform the actual mixing task. The mixing star takes care of rough mixing and aids in rapid discharge – the same as with the bottom wall scraper. The speed of the mixing pans is much higher than that of the D types. Mixing pan, mixing star, and agitator can be independently regulated. First experience shows that up to 20 % in superplasticizer can be saved, when favorably adjusted to the material properties.

Many accessories are optionally offered for the D23, including a moisture measuring device with bottom probe, an automatic cleaning unit (high-performance atomizing, which can be connected to water batching), automatic central lubrication, a frequency converter, and condition monitoring for drives and bearings. The mixer makes available all parameters that higher-ranking control systems can process.

The good start of the new D23 mixer for concrete production makes the manufacturer confident that its use in for lime-sandstone, refractory mixes, and glass batch processing will soon follow.

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