Schöck Bauteile

Change of location in Hungary for higher capacities

At the beginning of December 2016, the new production site of Schöck Hungaria Kft. in Pilis, southeast of the Hungarian metropolis of Budapest, was formally opened. The extension of production area and capacity created six additional workplaces, and the storage volume was enlarged. From Hungary, Schöck will supply the eastern, central, and northern European countries, as well as the USA and the United Arab Emirates.

After 16 years in Hungary, the production site has now been moved for the second time. In 2007, the founding site in Nyáregyháza was completely moved to the neighboring Pilis for reasons of space. Today, a staff of 35 work at this location. The sales office in Budaörs is run by three colleagues.

This development emphasizes the growth of the building products manufacturer Schöck Hungaria Kft. The Schöck production range is continuously being extended and now includes the products Schöck Bole, the double-headed bolt, the type KS Schöck Isokorb and KST, and the type SLD Schöck Dorn. The extension of the production plant for double-headed bolts required expansion of the shop floor, which led to enlargement of storage capacity.

Grand opening
of the new plant

Together with new construction of the production halls, the social amenities rooms and the sanitary facilities were realized in accordance with current legal framework conditions. The new requirements for safety at work and the provisions for fire protection are also satisfied in the modern facilities.

The opening ceremony of the new plant in Pilis was attended by the following: Dr. Harald Braasch, Managing Director of the Technology Division of Schöck Bauteile GmbH, Thomas Stürzl, Managing Director of the Finance Division of Schöck Bauteile GmbH, Eszter Horváth, Plant Controller of Schöck Hungaria Kft., in Pilis, Simó Gábor Csabáné, Mayor of Pilis, ­Tibor Laczkó, Plant Manager of Schöck Hungaria Kft., Pilis, in addition to company workers, customers, and suppliers.