Brazil: Concrete bridge for the Metro in Novo Hamburgo

In the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, Line 1 of the Trensurb, which already today connects Porto Alegre, Canoas, Esteio, Sapucaia do Sul, and Sao Leopoldo, is being extended. It is planned to connect the city of Novo Hamburgo to the rail network by a track section 9.3 km long, by the latest at the end of January 2012.

The investment will run to US$345 million, which is made available by the national foundation PAC (Programa de Aceleración del Crecimiento).

The objective is to reduce the very heavy traffic volume in the densely populated area and to improve the service of public transport. Following completion, a daily volume of around 30,000 passengers will be able to travel the total distance of 43 km length between Porto Alegre and Novo Hamburgo in 55 minutes.

The new track section between Sao Leopoldo and Novo Hamburgo will be guided across two parallel concrete bridges. Stops are planned every 1.5 ...

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