Whoever wants to build the future invests in quality

Highest quality roof tiles as a matter of course

 From an idea, emerging 15 years ago, Rank Roofing has developed to a well-known manufacturer of components and plants for the production of concrete roof tiles. The idea mainly focused on the need to concentrate on the quality of the finished product: the roof tile.

As to be in the position to manufacture a roof tile of high quality, it is absolutely necessary that the concrete mixing machine is especially designed for this kind of application. For this reason, Rank Roofing is collaborating with an external mixing plant manufacturer in order to achieve a product-oriented result. Because basically it can be said that if the concrete quality does not meet the demands, the roof tile will not meet the quality requirements either.


Quality determining factors

The concrete roof tile production machines and extrusion boxes are designed for very high extrusion...

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