2010 award work – safety – health

The „Occupational Safety Oscar“ for clever minds

 Occupational safety as an incentive within the remuneration system, concrete production – without any solvents being hazardous to health and tools allowing better load securing: the industries building materials – gravel – earth and mining of the German institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention „raw materials and the chemical industry“ (BG RCI) awarded the prize for work – safety – health to the clever minds behind these ideas in March. The „Occupational Safety Oscar“ endowed with a total value of € 100,000 was awarded for the 13th time for outstanding innovations.

Gudrun Loeb moderated the award presentation in the Casino of „Schacht XII“ in March 2010 during the ceremony in the historical setting of the „Zeche Zollverein“ (a former coal mine) in Essen (Germany). Since its foundation in 1997, 4255 contributions were submitted to the jury by 7863 participants. These not only include classic subjects of safety engineering. The issues of organization, motivation and vocational training are of great importance as guiding principles. „These issues will matter more and more,“ said Dr. Hans Otto Gardeik, board member of BG RCI, during the press conference....

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