Dupont Lightstone

Bright concrete ideas

› A couple of years ago the young Danish Engineer Christoffer Dupont came up with the idea of embedding optical fibers into concrete and thereby making a live image appear on the surface of a concrete slab. He called it “Lightstone” and started the company Dupont Lightstone based on this idea. Since then a whole lot of development, market research and brain storming has been done. Now the original idea has spawned several other ideas which have been turned into actual products and technologies that will be part of the buildings of tomorrow.

Birth of a brainchild

The idea behind Dupont Lightstone actually came from the demand for an idea and not from the demand for a solution to a problem. As an intern at a company engineering student Christoffer Dupont decided to think up something new of his own so that he would have something interesting and creative to work with.

Being interested in light and graphics the idea of using fiber optics for creating something like a screen or a light installation came up. Then followed an idea of fixing the fibers in a pixel pattern using a hardening substance. Sketching and fumbling around with a...

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