The perfect mix: Live communication in the BFT industry

BFT editor Karla Knitter presents the keynote speaker Justus Lipowsky (Figure: BFT International)

BFT editor Karla Knitter presents the keynote speaker Justus Lipowsky (Figure: BFT International)
The perfect mix: Live communication in the BFT industry

On November 19, 2019 the second BFT technical forum took place in Borussia Park in Mönchengladbach (Germany). The topic this year: mixing technology. The industry exchange under the title “The perfect Mix – update for the right mix” attracted participants from all over Germany.

Qualitative lectures

The program in Mönchengladbach included five specialist lectures, which were characterized in particular by a balanced mix of research and practice-oriented content. The different approaches showed once again how controversial the subject of mixed technology is discussed in our industry. The keynote speaker Justus Lipowsky from the IAB Weimar inspired the participants with two lectures.

• Separation and blending – principles of a successful mix

• Modeling of the material behavior of cement suspensions

Strong partners

In addition, speakers from the three premium partners Basf, Eirich and Kniele spoke and illuminated the production process in a practical and application-oriented manner.

The program of lectures was supplemented by an accompanying exhibition. Following these presentations, the participants could look forward to a guided tour through Borussia Park..

The detailed report on the technical Forum will be published in the BFT 01/2020.



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