Giant logo on façade of MC-Bauchemie powder tower

Since a few days ago, a 20-by-4-metre logo of MC-Bauchemie has adorned the more than 50-meter high powder tower of the internationally active manufacturer of construction chemical products at its location in the Bottrop industrial area ‘Am Kruppwald’.

View of MC-Bauchemie’s powder tower in Bottrop’s industrial area ‘Am Kruppwald’ (Figure: MC Bauchemie)

View of MC-Bauchemie’s powder tower in Bottrop’s industrial area ‘Am Kruppwald’ (Figure: MC Bauchemie)
If you are driving on the A42 motorway, which passes the south of Bottrop, or if you are approaching the Bottrop industrial area ‘Am Kruppwald’, you cannot miss the 54-meter high powder tower of MC. Together with the tetrahedron on the slagheap at Beckstrasse, the powder tower dominates the scene south of Bottrop. Over the past few weeks, the internationally active manufacturer of construction chemical products has been placing a huge MC logo on a prominent spot of the powder tower at a height of around 50 meters, and this can already be seen from afar.


Largest flagship of MC-Bauchemie

"Because of its exposed position and size we've been playing with the idea of using our powder tower as an advertising medium for our company," says Nicolaus Müller, Managing Director of MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG: "Last year the idea took concrete shapes; after receiving the building permit, we started installation of the logo at the beginning of this year." MC commissioned an experienced team of industrial climbers who, little by little, and depending on the weather conditions, first installed the substructure, then the letters of MC’s slogan "Be sure. Build sure." and last but not least the logo of MC – working at dizzying heights and sometimes at winter temperatures below 0 °C. The result is impressive: the giant logo, which is illuminated at night, underlines the importance of MC’s powder tower as a landmark in the south of Bottrop visible from afar. "In the truest sense of the word, we have created the biggest flagship and thus the MC-Bauchemie’s biggest advert and we are pleased at its impact," comments Nicolaus Müller with some satisfaction.




MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Am Kruppwald 1-8

46238 Bottrop/Germany

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