Weiler: Investment process started

The investment process that has by now started opens up new perspectives for the company Weiler Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH. The consulting and audit firm Beratungs- und Prüfungsgesellschaft Mentor AG is now conducting a structured bidder process on behalf of the interim insolvency adjudicator, attorney-at-law Jens Lieser, with the objective of selling the plant engineering firm Weiler to investors.

The family-run company, headquartered in Gau-Algesheim in Germany, is one of the leading suppliers of production and handling plant for the manufacture of precast concrete components. Weiler Maschinen- und Anlagenbau enjoys an excellent reputation in Germany and beyond and has marketed its machinery and equipment in areas such as the CIS countries, the Near and Middle East, as well as northern and southern Africa.


Good reputation, Made in Germany

The expected building boom outside Germany will result in increased demand for high-quality machinery and equipment for the manufacture of precast concrete products  (extruders, slideformers, mixing plant, formwork systems, and the like.) In this field, Weiler with its expertise and its good reputation with “Made in Germany” had already over many years developed international customer contacts. “We are confident that we will find a suitable, future-oriented and competent investor for our traditional company,” says the interim insolvency adjudicator Jens Lieser.


Strategic investors in focus

The Weiler services portfolio ranges from projecting turn-key production plants to the manufacture, marketing, and commissioning of machinery and equipment to produce training and spare parts supply. The company offers fully integrated production both for individual units and turn-key production systems. “We can also well imagine talks with investors from outside Germany. The company is known worldwide, enjoys a good reputation, and will surely be of interest to strategic investors from abroad as well as from other sectors of international machinery and plant engineering,” says Uwe Borgers, Project Manager and Member of the Board of Mentor AG.


Investment process of several months

By now, the interim insolvency adjudicator has stabilized business operations, which now run fully and without restrictions. The multi-stage investment process will probably take several months.

Interested bidders are initially invited to submit an indicative, i.e., non-binding bid. Short-listed bidders will later have sufficient time to conduct due diligence procedures before submitting a binding offer. The subsequent contractual negotiations are expected to last until the end of November or beginning of December 2016.

Intense competition and the massive sales revenue losses in crucial areas of international business, triggered by the fall in oil prices, had led Weiler into financial distress. Finally, Weiler was forced to file for insolvency at the Bingen local court on 26 July 2016.









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