New Head of Research & Development

Dr. Carsten Zilg (46) has been appointed Head of Research & Development at MC-Bauchemie with effect from 01 April 2016. In this function he bears responsibility for the entire product portfolio of the MC group of companies.

Following completion of a degree in chemistry and his doctorate, Zilg began his professional career in the year 2000 as Head of the R&D group at Gurit-Essex AG in Freienbach, Switzerland; moving on from there to the position of Head of R&D Europe. In 2004 he took up a post as Head of R&D at the Stuttgart site of an international construction chemicals manufacturer. One year later he assumed technical responsibility at the same company’s headquarters for the business units Floor, Façade and Concrete Protective Coatings, Liquid Films and Structural Adhesives for the Building Sector. In 2012 he also took over responsibility for Sports Flooring and Corrosion Protection Coatings, and as Corporate Technology Head for Coating Systems he led a team of 100 employees.



MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Am Kruppwald 1-8

46238 Bottrop/Germany

+49 2041 101-0

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