Sika: New administration building certified

The new office and administration building of Sika Deutschland GmbH at its  headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, has been awarded a certificate from the German Society for Sustainable Construction (DGNB). With construction of the administration building, the motto of Sika Deutschland has now been implemented in practice: “Sustainability from foundation to roof.” A total of more than 30 tons of sustainable Sika products from the company’s own portfolio went into the construction of this building. For this construction project, Sika was both the client and the manufacturer of a range of sustainable construction products. Apart from waterproofing of roof and building, the admixtures, fire protection features, and floor coating–  as well as the glues and sealants – are all from the company’s own production program. Especially selected were sustainable products, all of which met the criteria of DGNB, which thus contributes to successful certification of the building.


Sika Deutschland GmbH

Kornwestheimer Str. 103-107

70439 Stuttgart/Germany

+49 711 8009-0

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