Schöck Isokorb: The next generation

With the thermal and impact sound insulation element Schöck Isokorb XT Schöck Bauteile GmbH (Baden-Baden/Germany) is currently launching an overall newly develop-ed generation of its successful Isokorb product range. This is the reaction of the company to increasing requirements concerning energy efficiency and sound insulation of building structures.

“The Schöck Isokorb XT enhances the already very good thermal insulation of previous types by up to 30% without any changes of the positive properties of the Isokorb,” explains Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lamprecht. Furthermore, the impact sound insulation is simultaneously increased by about 50% now. This is particularly possible because of the new Neopor insulation body having a thickness of 120  mm. Therewith, the new Isokorb adapts to the increasing thickness of insulating materials of the façade. The insulating material Neopor absorbs the thermal radiation inside the material even better and provides for an additional thermal insulation. Moreover, the HTE compressive modulus, which has already high thermal insulating properties, was optimized once again. The abbreviation HTE stands for “high thermal efficiency”. The high-performance fine concrete used implies an especially high thermal property. The low weight makes handling on the construction site easier and provides for efficient processing. Besides, the Schöck Isokorb XT is furnished with an especially high-quality stainless steel of improved tensile strength, which allows to reduce the bar diameter keeping the same load-bearing capacity and thus, a reduction of the heat conducting cross-sectional area too. In this way, the heat insulation efficiency could be increased furthermore.
The new Schöck Isokorb XT has been introduced in supplement to the tried and tested Schöck Isokorb since September. The new generation comprises 80% of the existing product range and is available as type KXT, type KFXT, type QXT as well as type QXT+QXT. It is planned to complete the entire sales program in 2009. “The new Isokorb generation provides high planning reliability for construction experts, because it meets the increasing requirements in respect of thermal and impact insulation without any problems,” declares Martin Lamprecht.

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