ESP Dowel Connector for insulated and ventilated cladding panels

The ESP Dowel Connector of Edilmatic S.r.l. is a new connection system for the assembly of sandwich cladding panels. The anchor is suitable for both multilayer and ventilated elements with thermal insulation, preventing the formation of thermal bridges.
The ESP connector joins the two concrete layers, passing through the thermal insulating layer, and supports the external panel. The thermoplastic material used for the anchor is characterized by an extremely low thermal conductivity, allowing the correct distribution of temperatures inside the sandwich panel, thus preventing the origination of thermal bridges. Moreover, the Dowel Connector is characterized by excellent mechanical properties (tensile, flexural and shear strengths) and its particular configuration simplifies its placement in any kind of thermal insulating material. The type names ESP 120 and/or ESP 170 of the sandwich anchors of Edilmatic S.r.l. refer to the sum of the thickness (expressed in “mm”) of the thermal insulation material and of the concrete covering the same that forms the suspended external panel. This sum cannot exceed 120 mm for connectors of type ESP 120 and 170 mm for connectors of type ESP 170. In any case, the thickness of the thermal insulation can be equal to maximum 60 mm for type ESP 120 and equal to maximum 100 mm for type ESP 170.

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