Cathay: In preparation for market changes

Cathay: In preparation for market changesThe iron oxide market is expected to grow during the coming years. As a matter of course, its development will carry on having a noticeable effect on pigment manufacturers like Cathay Industries. The specialist for iron oxides responds to costumers’ requests by concentrating on high quality products. In order to have the continuing ability to fulfil any market needs, Cathay invests in new capacities.

The market is in constant motion: The manufacturers’ landscape is heavily consolidating, exchange rate fluctuations have been challenging purchasing in the European coatings and construction industry. However, the iron oxides market is still growing moderately. Producers like Cathay Industries need to attune to the situation to give the market what it asks for.

Suiting customers’ requirements

Cathay is determined to proceed with its growth development. The pigments maker extends its output to continue coping with the market’s demand. To fulfil customer needs, the company runs various production sites in the United States, China, Australia and Belgium, all with state-of-the-art technology.

Recently, two new spray drying towers for micro-granules were put in operation on the site in Tongling, China. “As not many companies are capable of manufacturing high quality spray-dried iron oxide granules, Cathay presents itself as a partner of choice”, says Axel Schneider, CEO Cathay Industries Europe.


Expecting market growth

Although the European market has been challenging over the last years, the consumption of Cathay Industries’ high quality pigments increased continuously. During last summer’s peak season, the strong demand resulted in a challenge on lead times. A greater level of consumption can also be expected in the near future.

“Countries like Spain, Italy or France will return to invest in buildings and infrastructure”, supposes Axel Schneider. He continues: “To ensure a reliable supply of high quality products that can be marketed profitably, we are preparing ourselves for the ascending development.”



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