BASF: MasterEase for low-viscosity concrete

As global leader in concrete admixtures the Master Builders Solutions experts have developed a new generation of polymers bringing a significant improvement in the rheological properties of concrete. Advanced concrete mixes often demonstrate a higher viscosity due to their low water contents. Although having a high level of workability, the concrete often appears harsh, sticky and therefore difficult to pump and process. This is especially true for engineering concrete with low water/cement ratios optimized towards having a low environmental impact.

To overcome these challenges BASF has developed MasterEase, a new admixture range developed for low-viscosity concrete. With the new technology, plastic viscosity can be reduced by up to 30%, which results in a substantial reduction of pumping pressure required to pump the concrete on the construction site. Placing and finishing of the concrete is much easier, faster and hence more economic than using standard concrete.




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