Xella invites Business Partners to the World‘s Fair

Building Materials for a “Green“ Expo

 The Duisburg-based building materials manufacturer Xella is using the World Expo in Shanghai (taking place from May 1 to October 31, 2010) as a...

Sustainable Upgrading of Production

Concrete Manhole Bases

 Precast producers are using industrial robots to an increasing extent. In most cases, these robots perform handling tasks. The supplier Prinzing,...

Messy Working Environment? Dusty Clothes?

Completely Safe Personnel Cleaning

 The possibility of personnel cleaning is being examined and evaluated in many industries. The compressed-air methods used so far are noisy and may...

Glazed in red

A feel-good office world

 A successful company needs motivated employees. Frank Elsässer, managing director and owner of the Elsässer Industrietechnik GmbH in...

CBE Group

SCC for Concrete Segment Molds

 CBE Group is a medium-sized company specialized in engineering and manufacturing of metal molds, handling equipment and industrial plants for the...


Project report | Objektbericht

Spin-Offs | Umfeld

Innovative Product Development and Sustainability

Concrete Products in the Course of Time

 Concrete products have been manufactured for over 160 years. Concrete roof tiles and other concrete products (earlier called cement products) were...


Production today | Produktion heute

Increased Demand for Smaller Plants

Mini Plant Solution from Denmark

 The Danish company fibo intercon a / s , clearly notices that many companies in the concrete industry find new ways and concentrate their efforts on...


Short facts | Kurzmeldungen