Yet another chapter in the successful partnership with Strescon Ltd.

Marcantonini Concrete Technology has been a reliable partner for Strescon for the last investments in their batching equipment. The continued technical support and the customized approach of the Italian-based manufacturer were once again the driving factor to write a great new chapter of our ongoing long-lasting relationship.

Strescon Limited, of the Osco Construction Group, is one of the most important precast suppliers in the Canadian Maritimes, with several production facilities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, also playing an important role in the ready-mix concrete business.

After a few years of business analysis, it was decided to better optimize the concrete production and delivery in the relatively old set-up of the main production facility in Bedford, Nova Scotia. The project had to be completed without interrupting the production of concrete elements produced in the existing tower batch plant. With this new investment, Strescon’s management thoroughly evaluated the possibility of realizing an automatic concrete distribution system integration in the old factory layout. Marcantonini Concrete Technology has been a reliable partner for Strescon for the last investments in their batching equipment and presented the best choice during the project development once again for this new expansion.


Completely customized system

The tower plant has been custom-designed around two planetary mixers for the production of structural and architectural concrete. The vertical aggregate storage solution is divided in 12 different compartments with a total capacity of 400 m3 (600 t of storage): up to eight of them can be specifically dedicated to architectural aggregates. During the engineering of the plant, the most challenging issue in the development was the prevention of any type of contamination during the aggregates dosing phase. The system developed by the MCT engineering department took advantage of more than 50 years of experience to prevent any issues with this matter. The aggregate weighing system is equipped with a common weigh batcher gravity feeding two holding hoppers, one for every mixer, in order to guarantee the production capacity requested and avoid any time loss in the production cycle.

The integrated cladding system has been developed in order to endure the low temperatures of this region: MCT is very experienced when it comes to the challenges of the difficult weather conditions having realized projects in the worst environments all over the world, and this helped our engineering department to use the best solutions to adapt to the project conditions.

The concrete distribution system is completely customized using the existing production building restrictions: one of the most difficult challenges for our engineering department was finding a solution that could fit with the low height in the building (erected in the 1970’s) versus the height of the production formworks (in particular high bridge beams and large box culverts). The solution provided by MCT proved the perfect coexistence between “old style” and “new technology”: the flying bucket runs on rails supported by new brackets from ground integrated in the concrete columns, complying therefore with the structural resistance of the old building.


New integrated software solution

The complete railing system for the flying bucket has been developed starting from the batching plant and going inside the production building in order to serve the single production hall in both directions: this system allows the factory to achieve the optimal production cycle with the perfect integration of batching, mixing, delivering and pouring phases. The plant is also equipped with 4 telescopic silos for cement storage with a capacity of 85t each on: this type of vessel is the best solution in order to ensure the requested storage within the shipping dimensions of the sea containers used by MCT to deliver all around the world.

The engineering of the plant was studied and customized in order to adapt the new batch plant layout to a specific corner of the production building, optimizing the available room in that area: this solution also allowed taking advantage of the batch plant rooms for the accommodation of admixtures and special material tanks, the control board panels, the MCC and control room and the heating system. A stair-tower has been integrated to the plant footprint in order to ensure the access to every platform of the plant and to the top of the storage unit: further to that MCT allowed for a hoist area within the same plant footprint in order to perform standard and extraordinary maintenance to every part of the plant, and lift parts from the ground to any platform of the structure.

The fully automated control system for the plant is comprised of the new integrated software solution that manages all the production processes; dosing, batching, mixing and delivery by the distribution system that serves the two sections of the production hall. The software automation system ensures an optimal and consistent production process and reduces manpower required in the batching plant management. The automation of the entire plant, including all the components from the aggregate loading to the concrete distribution system, is integrated in the MCT CompuNet platform. The design of the automation software ensures maximum flexibility in the customization of the set-up, and this aspect is a unique feature of MCT approach.


Relationship established over the years

Eng. Alessandro DiCesare, VP of Operations at MCT, says: “We are very proud of the relationship established over the years with Strescon Limited. We had the opportunity to share our thoughts and solutions with a highly regarded partner, utilizing in the best way our main keyword ‘customization’. The very high level of customer standards here at Strescon are always great opportunities for us, and I can definitely affirm that this State-of-the-art plant delivered to Strescon Limited is another landmark for our business in North America”.

George Lawson, Capital Projects Manager at Strescon, points out: “We are very pleased with our long partnership with MCT. The synergy with the people at MCT made it much easier facing even the hardest technical challenges and developing the best solutions for our needs in terms of batching and concrete distribution, and plant automation.”

MCT and Strescon are currently working on a new retrofit project in Prince Edward Island, continuing with this dynamic relationship and partnership which is ongoing for over ten years now. Both companies are looking forward to pursuing this path, to continue developing innovative solutions for the growth of Strescon Limited’s ability to conquer future challenges in their business in Canada.

Strescon Ltd.
400 Chesley Drive
St. John, NB E2K 5L6/Canada
MCT Italy S.r.l.
Via Perugia 105
06084 Bettona (Perugia)/Italy
+39 075 988551

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