With made-to-measure precast elements directly to the lift shaft

The precaster Hieber Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH, in Wörleschwang, Germany, offers complete, ready-to-install floor-to-floor connections in the form of made-to-measure precast concrete elements for lift shafts. The slender system components are cast with concrete on four sides and are delivered fully equipped. The fact that they are precast makes the crucial difference: because Halfen channels and scaffold sockets are already integrated into the precast elements in the plant, many worksteps on the construction site are eliminated. With the lift elements from Hieber, many tasks – for example, formwork and long drying times – are things of the past. Additional benefits in practice: just-in-time delivery eliminates the need for additional storage space on the construction site.

“Our aim is to offer all parties involved in a construction project genuine added value. And the excellent resonance that we receive for our new lift shaft system shows that we have, once again, succeeded,” says Alexander Hieber, Managing Director of Hieber Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH – who is pleased about the innovation. The made-to-measure lift elements from the Bavarian quality manufacturer meet the strict demands placed by architects on slender construction elements. These elements have proven their worth for use both in newbuilds and in rehabilitation projects. At the same time, they meet builders’ expectations for a cost-effective lift solution, and they appeal to the specialist trade, which profits from their uncomplicated installation.

Individual precasting in the Hieber plant

For the lift shafts from Hieber, individual precasting of the individual lift shafts makes the crucial difference. “We work closely together with the lift manufacturer already in the planning stage. Therefore, we are able already in the plant to integrate all the required embedded parts and openings, such as door openings and fall protection, into the precast elements. This saves our customers time and money at the construction site,” continues Hieber. Precasting in the Wörleschwang plant eliminates time-consuming worksteps at the construction site, such as installation of embedded parts. This is process optimization in its purest form and supports the contractor in project planning and implementation. In addition, the trend to barrier-free and age-appropriate building is rapidly growing. More lifts than ever are being built, not only in newbuilds but in particular also in rehabilitation projects. “The simpler and faster the erection process, the better,” says Hieber.

Uncomplicated installation of the concrete shaft elements is guaranteed by the precision with which Hieber can manufacture in its precast plant. “We achieve this with automated processes in our production halls with more dimensional exactitude and more cost-effectiveness than work with conventional formwork at the construction site,” emphasizes the managing director. In practice, however, his company enjoys high marks not only for dimensional precision and quality of the products, but most of all for top service. Precast elements from Hieber can be ordered and dispatched in accordance with the construction progress by an ingenious logistics concept, preventing in this way bottlenecks at the storage yard on the construction site.


Simple and rapid installation

In manufacturing its lift elements, the precast specialist takes into consideration the particular conditions on a construction site. “If crane capacities at the site are restricted, we simply divide up the shafts into several elements to ensure that the limit of the crane is not exceeded,” explains Alexander Hieber. As a rule, the Hieber elements weigh between 5 and 18 tons, depending on their size. At the construction site, the system components can then be simply and quickly installed. The manner in which they are connected to each other depends on their surroundings. For lift shafts in the interior that are not exposed to the influence of the weather, such as snow or wind, and that are not structurally connected with the building, a plug-in sheathing pipe connection achieves a sufficiently stable connection. For external shafts and for shafts required for stiffening a building, the concrete elements are held together by continuous screw reinforcement. This lies inside a sheathing pipe that extends from the connection in the foundation up to the cover plate and is filled with grout over the entire height of the shaft.

The innovative lift shafts from Hieber Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH are manufactured individually to the customer’s wishes. They are always cast with concrete on four sides. Their interior must measure at least 1.5 x 1.5 m and at most 3.5 x 2.5 m. The wall thicknesses vary between 15 and 30 cm. The maximum height of the concrete elements is 7 m, with story height execution being the rule to minimize positioning work and reworking tasks. Hieber, in keeping with system philosophy, offers its lift underpass - which is available also with watertight connection – as precast element as well.


Hieber Betonfertigteilwerk GmbH

Krautgartenweg 8

86441 Wörleschwang/Germany

+49 8291 1883-0



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