Welding line models for various precast concrete elements

Regardless of size and application, Eurobend offers solutions for almost all precast concrete plants with the well-established and innovative mesh welding lines of the PL XY series for the production of standard and engineering mesh as well as mesh with openings.

The Eurobend machines, equipped with innovative high-end features, sophisticated electronics, computer software and hardware with a unique redundant storage system to eliminate production downtimes due to hard disk defects or data loss and an interface for the exchange of production data in various industry formats (such as „BVBS“, „Unitechnik” and others), are easy to use and, thanks to their well thought-out modular construction, also easy to maintain.

Engineering mesh and mesh with openings

The mesh is produced with longitudinal and cross wires with diameters, depending on the model, of up to Ø 20mm. The PL XY Twin models work with two movable multi-point welding heads with an output of up to 400 welding points per minute. Different mesh can be produced one after the other without any adjustments. The production process is controlled via the sophisticated machine‘s computer program.

The line wires are inserted into the line wire preloading unit. The preloading unit now automatically feeds the line wires into the welding machine and returns to the starting position for the next loading process while the machine is welding the mesh. The grippers of the preloading unit are equipped with LED lights to simplify the insertion of the line wires. With this system, there are practically no idle times between the production of two mesh. A second feed system on the line wire pre-loading unit enables the production of mesh with variable line wire lengths (e.g. mesh with openings).

The cross wires are automatically inserted into the welding line by means of the cross wire feeding magazine. A second cross wire feeding and positioning system enables the production of mesh with variable cross wire length and mesh with openings. In this case, an additional display simplifies the feeding of the cross wires with the special lengths. The finished mesh is automatically removed using a mesh stacking and roller conveyor system.

Production of the pre-cut bars

In addition to the mesh welding line, there is an independently operated multi-rotor straightening and cutting machine from the MELC Flexiline series with the latest, patented, maintenance-free 5G rotors from Eurobend with hyperbolic profiled rollers and the patented, extremely fast convergence diameter changing system. The machine guarantees optimal straightening quality and length accuracy and enables diameter changes in just 3 seconds without moving mechanical parts producing either bars in the desired various diameters in one job or according to the daily production schedule.

The extremely fast diameter changing system offers the unique possibility of producing the pre-cut bars for a programmed mesh in a batch one after the other with the same or different diameters. The bars are placed on a pocket chain conveyor, each pocket holding the bars for one mesh.

The simplification of material handling, storage and logistics also leads to savings in personnel and investment costs. The – according to the supplier – unmatched flexibility of the welding machines of the PL XY Twin series in connection with the high straightening quality and the extreme fast diameter changes of the rotor straightening machine of the MELC Flexiline series make this system the first and most economical choice for all mesh-producing plants for just-in-time production of standard as well as special and mesh with openings.

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