Two gantry cranes for L. Moll concrete sleeper plant

Teichmann Krane has supplied Leonhard Moll Betonwerke GmbH & Co. KG located in Biebesheim with a 2 x 10 tons gantry crane with a span of 42 m within only 4.5 month. The crane is used for the transport of concrete sleepers. In future; the two sister cranes will operate simultaneously on the newly built storage yard of the concrete plant, where they will be used for the transport of concrete sleepers using grabs.

For the second 2 x 10 tons gantry crane delivered to the customer that is identically constructed, an existing gantry crane in tubular construction was completely refurbished and rebuilt according to the customer‘s specifications. Therefore, among others, the span was reduced from 62 m to 42 m and the load capacity of the crane was increased from 10 tons to 20 tons. In addition, the maximum lifting height of the crane was increased from 10.5 m to 14.5 m.

The electrical control system of the crane was renewed completely. In addition, the crane was equipped with a so-called wind alarm system. In the first step, this device warns the crane operator in case of rising winds by means of an acoustic and optical signal. In the second step, the drive system of the crane is shut down and the rail tongs are closed in order to prevent the crane from drifting. As soon as the wind eases, the crane can continue to operate. For transportation by truck, the roughly 70 m long crane bridge was separated into two parts and welded together again on site.

Travelling at up to 80 m/min with a high load capacity

The maximum vertical wheel loads per running wheel should not exceed 16 tons (160 kN) as expressly requested by the customer and so as not to damage the concrete foundation of the storage yards. In order to comply with this requirement, new crane chassis with four running wheels per chassis corner were designed to distribute the occurring forces accordingly. Both crane systems were completely refurbished and overhauled electrically as well as mechanically and are provided with a travelling cabin control and an additional radio remote control each allowing the cranes to be controlled both from the cabin and from the ground.

The two Teichmann cranes can travel at a maximum speed of up to 80 m/min and are able to lift up to 20 tons each.


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