Three new repair mortars for concrete rehabilitation

Increasing numbers of concrete structures are in need of rehabilitation to ensure their continued useful life. Sika Deutschland GmbH responds to the increasing demand for concrete substitution systems by offering as many as three repair mortars: Sika MonoTop-112 DE, -212 DE and -312 DE are especially suitable for application to concrete substrates with low quality characteristics and are adjusted to the different requirements of the old concrete.

The Sika Monotop products Sika MonoTop-112 DE, -212 DE and -312 DE developed by Sika meet the requirements of old concrete classes A1, A2 and A3 in accordance with ZTV W as well as serviceability classes R1, R2 and R3 based on EN 1504-3. The repair mortars can be applied both in the interior and the exterior, and by both manually or by wet spraying methods. The application is wide-ranging and covers building construction, civil engineering and tunnel structures.

Fiber-reinforced mortar with lightweight aggregate

The single-component, cement-bound, ready-to-use Sika MonoTop-112 DE repair mortar for rehabilitation of old concrete class A1, due to its very low modulus of elasticity, is also suitable for use on unfavorable concrete substrates.

A2-mortar for higher layer thicknesses

The single-component Sika MonoTop-212 DE reprofiling mortar for old concrete class A2 is characterized by very thick layer application, of up to 50 mm per step of work when applied over wide areas, as well as by layer thicknesses of up to 80 mm for reprofiling break-outs.

Reprofiling mortar

The Sika MonoTop-312 DE coarse mortar is suitable for repairing concrete for normal use, lightweight concrete and blinding concrete in age class A3, and for partial reprofiling and reprofiling over the full surface.

Technical performance profile adjusted to old concrete

The concrete elements or sections to be rehabilitated are allocated to old concrete classes A1 to A5 based on the properties they have at the time of rehabilitation, such as compressive strength, bond strength and modulus of elasticity. This classification ensures that the intended substitute concrete corresponds to the performance profile of old concrete and is suitable for the intended application.

With these products, Sika expands its offer of available concrete repair mortars and therefore responds to increasing demands in the construction industry: i.e., because concrete structures of the 1960s and 1970s in particular increasingly need rehabilitation. With Sika Mono Top-412 DE, which has been available on the market for some time, a coarse mortar for rehabilitation of old concrete class A4 is available.

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