Kraft Curing Systems GmbH

Take control from anywhere

‘Access Anywhere’ provides instant mobile access to operators of concrete curing systems from virtually anywhere with internet access, including the football pitch, baseball stadium, basketball or hockey arena, while on a run, on a bike tour, at a concert, in the theatre, on the couch, at the beach, on vacation or at your mother-in-law’s. It works on the smartphone, tablet, pc, laptop in the office or on-the-go.

The interface of ‘Access Anywhere’ mirrors the graphical data that would normally be available on a screen in the factory and allows the user to monitor, modify and/or verify the curing operation in all curing areas as if the user were on-site.

‘Access Anywhere’ allows the operator to confirm that the curing system is operating as it should, that the set-point curing temperature and humidity are being realized, and to reset faults and/or change set-points as necessary.

The system is designed for concrete production managers that rely on the proper operation of the curing system to ensure that the concrete may be removed from the forms, allowing for next day production. This system is equally as important for quality control management that relies on recording of curing data for quality control requirements set by clients, state or national codes. ‘Access Anywhere’ is as robust as the internet and provides access when it is needed around the world.

Kraft Curing Systems GmbH
Muehlenberg 2
49699 Lindern/Germany

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