Structural reinforcement:
New approvals, more options

The new national technical approvals granted for the Sto S&P FRP systems of StoCretec and S&P Clever Reinforcement, Frankfurt am Main, enhance the range of application for the systems using shear resistant, bonded carbon fiber laminates: Now, the end anchorage of the CFRP laminates is approved too; the limit values of the adhesive tensile strength of the surface were extended both regarding the upper and the lower limits.

The Sto S&P FRP systems offer solutions for measures, which are demanding in terms of statics and relevant regarding the load-bearing capacity, on concrete structures. The new approvals for the systems are based on current research findings and the latest rules and regulations. They comply with the DAfStb design code of practice “Strengthening of concrete structures with adhesively bonded reinforcement” in conjunction with Eurocode 2 (DIN EN 1992-1-1). The approval of the German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBt) has substantially extended the field of application of the systems.

Completely new: approval for the end anchorage

The approvals for the loosely adhered steel laminates (new: Z-36.1-87) and loosely adhered CFRP laminates (new: Z-36.12-86) were replaced. Now, they are again valid for a period of five years. This allows the following additional applications: strengthening of bridges and prestressed concrete with bonded CFRP laminates/steel laminates; also suitable for structural members subject to dynamic load; no restrictions regarding the degree of strengthening; surface adhesive tensile strength ≥ 1.0 MPa instead of ≥ 1.5 MPa; surface adhesive tensile strength ≤ 4.0 MPa instead of ≤ 3.0 MPa; intermediate crack element verification also available for span strengthening.

StoCretec, in cooperation with S&P Clever Reinforcement, offers an exclusive support and advice service related to projects as well as a software program that is unique in its kind; the program provides the entire verification for dimensioning the FRP systems by calculation based on the latest rules and regulations. The new design software “S&P FRP Lamella 5.5” is available at S&P Clever Reinforcement (">).

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