Structural concrete tower and assembly method

(10) W02018068117 A1

(22) 10.10.2017

(43) 19.04.2018

(57) A structural concrete tower and assembly method, said tower comprising the superpositioning of a first (21) and a second (22) tower segment, each tower segment being formed by stacking a plurality of tubular elements (40) secured by longitudinal prestressing means and comprising at least one cylindrical portion (21a, 21b, 22a, 22b, 22c) and at least one frustoconical portion (21c, 22d, 22e). The tower assembly method comprises two steps, the first consisting in the construction of the two tower segments and the second in the raising of the internal tower segment (22), which is supported by the external tower segment (21), followed by the securing thereof to the latter by means of a reverse-behaviour double node (24), with the inclusion between said first and second steps of the mounting of the nacelle (61) and other components relating to the generation of electricity. During the raising of the internal tower segment (22), the latter is stabilized by means of rollers (56) associated with stabilizing metal structures (55) temporarily affixed to the base of said internal tower segment, acting in a complementary manner to rollers (57) installed in the top of the external tower segment (21).


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