Special individual magnets for embedded parts in
precast plants

The requirements placed on precast concrete elements have been growing continuously in the past years. This trend also means a rising number of embedded parts that precasters must install in the elements. For this, they often resort to individual solutions, putting quality and time efficiency at risk, although this is unnecessary. B.T. innovation GmbH has set itself the task of identifying gaps in the market in precast element production, and of offering the corresponding special solutions.

In the installation of embedded parts, solutions with wood, polystyrene or synthetics are frequently used. For fixing these parts in place, gluing or mechanical means such as nails and screws are used as solutions. Although these alternatives at first glance appear favorable, they often lead to additional expenditure and other problems. Glued-in-place embedded parts, for example, can rarely be repositioned, if you have made a measuring mistake. Adhesives, moreover, make cleaning more difficult. The result are hidden costs owing to increased work time. At the same time, there is the risk of quality defects due to erroneous dimensioning of the special solutions or shifting during production. However, many of these problems can be completely eliminated with the magnet solutions from BT innovation.


Easy installation of anchors and threaded sleeves

With the GB-type magnet, wave anchors, threaded sleeves and other fasteners with threaded mounting can be easily fastened to horizontal or vertical surfaces. The magnets easily allow repositioning required due to measuring errors, without adhesive residues or causing similar problems. Owing to its conical housing, the GB can be easily removed from the hardened concrete and can therefore be used many times over. The magnets are available with different adhesive forces, and the thread size can always be adapted from M10 to M36 with the exchangeable threaded ends. Swollen, tilted or slipped anchors are therefore a thing of the past.

Power outlets or blockouts for pipes are easily and reliably fixed in place

Power outlets and blockouts for pipes can also be easily fixed in place with GB magnets. For this, a rubber mounting is simply screwed onto the magnets. It can be easily exchanged if required, thus allowing a flexible response to various power outlet models or pipe diameters. Following production, the magnet is simply removed, while the embedded part remains in the element.


Anchor channels positioned and fixed in place without difficulty

The anchor channel magnet is a magnetic fastener for easy mounting of standard anchor channels. It is usable immediately after snapping on and can be easily positioned on the shuttering table. Because no adhesive is used, repositioning is easily possible at any time, without leaving adhesive residues. The magnet can be simply removed after demolding and subsequently re-used many times.


Special magnet for installation in ball-headed anchors

For holding ball-headed anchors in place during casting, BT innovation offers a solution that combines blockout body and magnet. With the type KU magnet, a steel body of high-quality solid material is turned and forms a homogenous unit with a high-performance magnetic core. The adhesive surface is completely sealed and protects the magnetic core against corrosion and damage. This significantly prolongs the useful life of the magnet and the magnetic force remains high for a long time. With the integrated interior thread, the magnet can be removed from the shuttering table without using force. With the aid of various rubber retainers, the different ball-headed anchors can be connected to the magnets


Additional solutions at any time on customer request

The product portfolio of BT innovation comprises many additional special magnets for fastening embedded parts during production of precast elements. In addition, there is a broad range of special magnets that is continuously extended by special solutions for customers.


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