Simple design and more power for rope loop connections

The company Philipp has recently expanded its Power Series of approved products for connecting precast reinforced-concrete elements with flexible rope loops by introducing two connection rails at the same time: Power One and OS – unique developments, as reported by the manufacturer.

The design of the new connection types and of the complete Power Series (One, Duo, OS and Box) is, as usual, web-based via a simple operator interface on the Philipp Website, which was supplemented not only by the new rail types, but also by additional functionalities such as fire design.

Requirements for fire protection on bearing joints are now satisfied by matching design resistance, depending on the temperature acting on the rope loop. All that is required is input of a few data for the joint to be connected – e.g., acting forces, joint geometry and mortar type – to enable complete design, performed quickly and summarized ready for checking.

In all cases, the system takes full account of economic aspects in design calculations by making a distinction between the number of rope loops required for structural reasons and the number of loops, geometrically defined, that can be built into the joint. In this way, it is possible at any time to decide to what extent a breakdown of rails would be expedient and whether their use in other places would be more advantageous.


Power Series enlarged with flexible rope loops

The fixing technique with rope loops has been standard practice in precast construction for many years but leaves much room for specialization. With Power One and OS, high-performance solutions for special applications have recently been created.

In short – with the Power One system, thin precast elements can be connected to each other beginning with a thickness of 10 cm. The rail is therefore the ideal supplement for the long-familiar Power Duo System (beginning at an element thickness of 14 cm). With only one rail geometry (“One”) on both sides, simultaneous transmission of transverse and tensile forces is possible.

The application of Power One is greatly varied; however, wall-to-wall connections are a prime use. The symmetric configuration of the rails makes planning and installation easy, and the connection itself is completed with the mortar that is part of the system.

The latest innovation, the Power OS rail, goes beyond extension of applications to only precast elements. “OS” stands here for “in-situ-concrete rail” and indicates a new application for connections between partially precast elements and in-situ-concrete constructions as well as double walls. A flat rail of only 20 mm is required here only on one side and reaches with its long rope loops into the opposite in-situ-concrete and/or partially precast construction.

Design values in all directions of loading and a wide range of applications describe this connection type, which can be implemented with cast-in-situ elements, beginning already with a thickness of 14 cm, and with partially precast elements beginning at 18 cm. The complete connection is finally topped with normal concrete.

More information – including approvals and installation instructions as well as the design software – is available at the Philipp website.

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