Shahryer Djaff shaped Masa GmbH for many years

Saying goodbye to his daily professional life at Masa GmbH and heading into a well-deserved retirement, Masa would like to thank the long-time employee Mr. Shahryer Anwar Jamil Djaff for all the years together and wish him a lot of health and energy.

Mr. Djaff joined the company in 1996 and worked with great passion as an Area Sales Manager responsible for the Middle East where he shaped the company for almost a quarter of a century. It was very gratifying for the company to have Mr. Djaff continue providing his loyal service to Masa GmbH, even after reaching the regular retirement age, which he took great pride in.

His know-how coupled with his unique and cheerful character enriched the Masa working world, even in difficult times, with his remarkable intercultural competence and communication skill set being a key to his success. Mr. Djaff has been a great role model for many colleagues throughout his career and remains to be one to this day. Through his tireless commitment to the entire Masa team and his business partners, he has set many successful milestones in the history of Masa GmbH.

On behalf of all employees, the Managing Directors Frank Reschke and Volker Zurheide thanked Mr. Shahryer Djaff for the very successful cooperation with the words: “One of a kind leaves the big stage, but we are very happy to welcome you again at any time. Fortunately, we still have a small consolation prize.”

Mr. Djaff will continue to provide advisory support to Masa GmbH.

Masa GmbH
Masa-Straße 2
56626 Andernach/Germany
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