Sansiri invests in battery mold technology by Technocom

Sansiri Public Co. Ltd, based in Bangkok, Thailand, can look back on more than three decades of experience in the field of construction projects and real estate development and has successfully delivered hundreds of projects all over Thailand. With this experience, Sansiri has gained a reputation as one of the leading real estate developers in Thailand for quality housing, offering single houses, attached houses and high-rise buildings.

To construct and deliver high-end quality housing projects and keeping focused continuously on optimized time schedules in combination with minimized usage of resources Sansiri is using state of the art precast concrete technology in their precast concrete factory in Lam Lukka.

By investing in the new battery mold Technology Sansiri is increasing the efficiency and productivity of the factory and also widening the range of products and design flexibility. The battery molds were designed, manufactured and commissioned by Tecnocom, one of the seven companies of Progress Group, the leading group of precast technology suppliers globally.

Two individually designed battery molds

Sansiri invested in two individually designed battery molds from Tecnocom. Each Battery mold is equipped with 20 pockets (10+10), one with the dimensions of 6.00m x 2.85m for the production of partition walls and the second one 4,00m x 1,50m for the production of fencing elements. Due to the flexibility of the basic shuttering system, Sansiri is able to manufacture precast concrete elements in various sizes, in various thicknesses and also different patterns.

The battery molds from Tecnocom ensure the highest productivity and quality by using special high frequency vibrators installed at every pocket for constant concrete compaction. This compacting technology allows for the production of precast concrete elements with very smooth surfaces and the highest degree of surface flatness.

The Tecnocom battery mold production is supported by a BlueMesh M-System mesh welding machine from Progress Maschinen & Automation AG, also one of the seven companies of Progress Group, which is producing tailor made wire mesh for each and every precast element produced in the battery molds, as well as the company’s carrousel plant, provided by Ebawe Anlagentechnik GmbH, also one of the seven companies of the Progress Group. The welding machine is designed as a flexible production unit for tailor made reinforcement mesh directly from coil. The combination of these machines and equipment has lead to major savings in manpower requirements and raw material wastage.

Professional and trustful partnership

In order to lift the already existing high-quality production standards, Sansiri invested additionally in a customized magnetic formwork system, which was developed by Tecnocom especially for the Sansiri battery molds. This customized magnetic system allows Sansiri to perform shuttering and formwork activities with the highest accuracy in a minimized time frame.

Daily a fleet of trucks is leaving from Lam Lukka factory to deliver a significant number of precast concrete elements to the various project sites of Sansiri in the greater area of Bangkok. The outcome of the daily battery mold production is currently used for partition walls in different dedicated condominium projects and the fencing elements can be found in all Sansiri projects.

This success story is based on a very professional and trustful partnership between Sansiri and Progress Group. Tecnocom provided all services for a smooth and professional implementation of the battery molds, starting with expert advice during the design and decision taking phase, followed by very transparent manufacturing, delivery and installation activities, and finally sending a team of three battery mold experts to the Sansiri factory for an on the job training.


Sansiri Public Company Limited

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Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400/Thailand

+ 66 (0)2 201 3999


Tecnocom S.p.A.

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33100 Udine/Italy

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Progress Group GmbH

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Am Flughafen

60549 Frankfurt am Main/Germany

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