Sansiri integrates mesh welding machine into carrousel plant

Sansiri Public Co., Ltd, Thailand, took a step towards further automation of the carrousel plant by integrating a BlueMesh M-System mesh welding machine of Progress Maschinen & Automation AG, a leading full-service supplier to the precast concrete industry and one of the seven companies of the Progress Group.

The new equipment results in a considerable reduction of up to 25 % as far as personnel costs and waste are concerned. Some years ago, Sansiri purchased from Ebawe, a company which is also part of the Progress Group, a highly automated carrousel plant for the production of precast concrete elements. Until then, the production of reinforcement still involved manual work stations for cutting openings into the mesh. Now, the new BlueMesh M-System is automatically producing mesh with the respective cutouts. This change towards increased automation in the production process saves manpower. The manual process required 20 workers per shift and Sansiri is manufacturing in two shifts per day.

Next level of automation

The new automated BlueMesh system is running with only two persons per shift. Apart from that the new machine reduces the mesh waste by about 25 %. When the machine is running at full capacity, it means savings of roughly 200,000 m² of mesh per year. Sansiri is one of the leading real estate developers for high-end quality houses, town houses and condominiums in Thailand with more than 33 years of experience and hundreds of projects realized across Thailand as well as hotels and a residential construction project in Kensington, London. The company would like to improve the quality of life of the people in Thailand by the construction of residential buildings that are painstakingly designed and meticulously executed. Sansiri is a fully integrated real estate developer in Thailand, providing comprehensive services that go far beyond those of traditional developers. The majority of Sansiri‘s residential construction projects is realized by means of precast concrete elements because this technology enables the manufacture of high-quality precast components allowing an easy and effective installation at the construction side.

Automation of the precast concrete production reaches the next level with the new BlueMesh M-System because this is a flexible production plant for the welding of mesh from the coil directly and according to individual specifications. These cost-efficient machines are especially well-suited for factories with extremely high quality demands and not running large-scale production. The plants are characterized by energy efficiency and low space requirements. Depending upon the specific needs, the plant can be used for bending complete meshes, manufacturing cages, bending individual reinforcing bars or even carrying out special bends for customized solutions.

Just some months ago, Sansiri had already invested in two individually designed battery molds from Tecnocom being a company of the Progress Group too; BFT International reported about it in the 11/2019 issue.

Sansiri Public Company Limited
16th Fl. Siripinyo Bldg.
475 Sri Ayutthaya Rd.,
Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400/Thailand
+ 66 (0)2 201 3999
Progress Maschinen & Automation AG
Julius-Durst-Straße 100
39042 Brixen/Italy
+ 39 0472 979100
Ebawe Anlagentechnik GmbH
Dübener Landstraße 58
04838 Eilenburg/Germany
+49 3423 665-0

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