Reinforcing structures with spray mortar and carbon fiber grid

At a strengthening increase of 170 %, very high fire resis-tance and simple application, the combination of “Sto S&P Armo spray mortar” is well suited for reinforcing structures – both technically and economically. The system is also suitable for upgrading the loadbearing capacity of existing structures. Stocretec presented the building system for reinstating or increasing the structural loadbearing capacity at the BAU trade fair in Munich to the trade public.

With the Sto S&P Armo system it is now possible to reinforce loadbearing structures with a polymer-modified spray mortar and the grid of carbon fibers and glass embedded in it. This system combines two completely different products: For one, the Sto S&P Armo spray mortar of performance class M3, which, due to its mechanical properties takes up and transmits very high forces and, secondly, the grid that absorbs the tensile forces.

Decisive for the high functionality of the system is the mechanical bond of the materials. A reactive coating of the carbon fiber grid and the addition of the reaction partners in the mortar system improve the mechanical bond better than other systems.

High fire resistance with low mortar cover

The material-specific properties of the system, moreover, provides very high fire resis-tance at a mortar cover of only around 20mm. This makes it possible to largely follow the contours of the structural member. A range of woven grids is available for optimizing application and costs. Here, carbon fibers, into which the tensile forces are introduced, are only used in direction of the grid. The application of the Sto S&P Armo system is as a rule possible where spray mortar can be applied to a member. Processing, being quick and simple, is cost-efficient as well: the mortar is sprayed on in two layers, with the grid embedded in-between.

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