Enabled an innovative composite reinforced-concrete element

Reinforced-concrete ribs with large openings –

The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) has left its mark also on the construction of floors for high-rise buildings. Control of panel heating and ventilation systems is one of the absolute requirements of building services. The activation of building components is the optimal form of panel heating since it offers the considerable advantages over other systems in that it provides the same level of efficiency for cooling and heating. Planners who decide on building component activation must do without a suspended ceiling and must integrate the ventilation pipes in the cross-section of the floor. The...

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Floor dowel sleeve for concrete

(10) US 2019/0257074 Al (22) 06.05.2019 (43) 22.08.2019 (57) A floor dowel sleeve is provided that includes a rectangular-shaped body portion having a cavity that is configured to receive a dowel...

Issue 2014-02 Increasing the bearing capacity in the vicinity of integrated service lines

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Use of lattice girders in reinforced-concrete floor plates is a widely practiced method of construction for conventional high-rise building structures. An estimated 70?% of all floors in these...

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Prefabricated concrete slab floor and method of fabricating the same

(10) US 2018/0347191 Al (22) 01.06.2017 (43) 06.12.2018 (57) The present invention relates to a composite floor, typically a wood/concrete composite floor. The composite floor com­prises a support...

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The Bernkastel-Kues-based Inno­gration GmbH founded in 2010 designs, manufactures and sales multifunctional precast concrete floor elements. The elements distinguish themselves by their ability to...

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Background Using reinforced concrete floors as space for building services becomes more and more common in practice. Conduits are built in the concrete cross-section being used for ventilation...