Program extension by two modular installation housings

Spelsberg’s main line of business includes electrical installations and housings. For over 115 years, this family-run company has been developing, producing and selling products and systems for the electrical trade and industry. The product range comprises more than 5,000 permanently available items.

Spelsberg developed the multi-purpose, modular IBTLED installation housing range specifically for LED lights, speakers and public address and intercom systems. The company is currently expanding its range to also include products for the precast industry: The innovative IBTLED 3-f housing brings about even more benefits for its users. This optimized installation housing features eight additional side inlets while at the same time providing more compact external dimensions. Installation housings of the IBTLED series are tailored to the installation of VDE-approved luminaires conforming to DIN EN 60598 (VDE 0711). They are equipped with a conduit adapter and stop as well as strain relief, which makes it possible to fix cable conduits safely, thus largely eliminating the need for rework. The clear markings printed on the housing make its accurate alignment very easy.

This housing can be installed either in cast-in-place concrete or at the precast plant. Its external dimensions of 277 × 400 × 135 mm make IBTLED 3-f a compelling solution for precast floor slabs because semi-precast slabs can be stacked more easily, which simplifies their handling and transport while preventing damage to the elements. Yet the compact design of this unit is also beneficial when having to comply with specific soundproofing, stability and fire safety requirements in regard of the necessary concrete cover. The new IBTLED 3-f universal installation housing features a total of 16 combined conduit inlets. Eight additional side inlets ensure easier tubing between housings. Spelsberg recommends a maximum output of 35 W for LED lamps and a maximum output of 75 W for halogen lamps. The single feature all universal installation housings of the IBTLED series have in common is their outlet integrating a Fermacell board enabling flexible floor openings. The housing can be firmly fixed by adhesives, integrated support spars, or nail fastening outside the housing.


Equipment junction boxes with combined conduit inlets

Spelsberg developed the Precon range specifically for meeting the requirements of using opposing formwork. This range includes the P 71 GVD equipment junction box fitted with a combined conduit insert for two M 25 tubes. In addition, the core of the Spelsberg product range includes concrete installation systems meeting the specific requirements of factory finishing. These sockets (GRD), equipment junction boxes (GVD) and large conduit boxes (GRO) conform to the specifications of DIN EN 60670-1 and make it possible to accommodate accessories as specified in DIN 49073. All basic types of boxes can be combined with each other in the standard 71 mm spacing. They are molded from a single piece complete with integrated bottom and cater to typical applications at the precast plant. They are quick and easy to fix using adhesives or magnets. The front parts of the different designs are ready for installation ex-factory. When using the equipment junction boxes, side inserts serve to adapt the tubing outside the housing. A conduit stop prevents the tube from penetrating into the inner cavity, thus keeping the installation space clear. The integrated strain relief reliably prevents tubes from sliding out of the box, which ensures safe installation. In addition, four easy-cut membranes permit the quick and safe installation of optional 16, 20 and 25 mm conduit adapters complete with stop and strain relief without requiring any tools.

Yet Spelsberg makes sure to retain the tried-and-tested benefits of its equipment junction boxes also when expanding its range by three new designs. Whereas the previous designs included integrated combined conduit inserts for connecting one M 20 and one M 25 tube, the new products provide an adapter for two M 25 tubes. This is why customers will benefit from an even greater flexibility when designing precast elements. The 2 × M 25 designs are available with a closed front for magnetic fastening (P 71 GVD 2 × M 25), a smooth front for adhesive fixing (P 71 GVD-K 2 × M 25), or an open front for fastening using Ratec magnets (P 71 GVD-O 2 × M 25).


Günther Spelsberg GmbH + Co. KG

Im Gewerbepark 1

58579 Schalksmühle/Germany

+49 2355 8920


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