Röhrig Granit

Premium sands for concrete cast blocks

Naturally fine, glossy and sealed concrete surfaces are the current trend. Harmonious plain colors, of which rich and dark tones are particularly in demand, open up a wide range of architectural design options. The most demanding projects should also be implemented with high-quality mineral raw materials – be it the realisation of large, thinner and lighter slabs or the creative color design for a special surface experience. Granolux was developed specifically for the production of the finest concrete surfaces. Concrete companies counter the latest trends in architecture and construction with these premium sands from Röhrig Granit.

Premium properties for processing and design

Granolux is free of fine grains, dried, constant in the grading curve, fine and closely graded in a 0.1 - 1.0 mm composition and particularly suitable for modern surface design because of its natural variety of colors.

An increased level of water is not required for the production of concrete because of the deliberate lack of fine grains. This provides the necessary strength and the stable processing of the concrete. The use of dried Granolux and its property that is free of fine grains allows the quick and safe setting of the finest concrete formulas and a reduction in the need for concrete additives compared to conventional sands with fluctuating fine grain content.

The finely graded composition gives concrete cast stone surfaces a new feel of modern interior design. Granolux gives the surface a calming and contemporary look. Natural wooden and stone finishes can be achieved thanks to the wide choice of Granolux colors.

Granolux for indoor and ­outdoor products

Röhrig Granit has been a reliable partner to the concrete industry for more than five decades. The facing sands based on high-quality granite from the Odenwald region – are continuously adapted to meet the most demanding, technical customer requirements using state-of-the-art technologies. The company has once again further developed its natural raw materials with the Granolux premium product line, which has attracted great interest and increasing demand since it was introduced at the start of 2016.

It’s precisely defined grain size has now been incorporated into many concrete cast stone. The fine structure and natural color of the concrete surface is preserved even after the treatment. Granolux also impresses with its simple processing and the minimal wastage with the end product underlines the properties, with real potential to be used in modern architecture and for creations and designs indoors and outdoors.

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