Precast concrete manufacturer and supplier – from a single source

As an editor of BFT, one gets around in the world (of precast concrete) a lot, thus one has already experienced and seen a lot, but the reception at Torri Engenharia e Saneamento in Novo Hamburgo near Porto Alegre truly was something very special: CEO Nabor Torri had spared no effort to find all issues of the magazine still available and presented them in the meeting room in honor of his guest from Germany – he has been a loyal subscriber of BFT International after all since 2005.

We got to know each other on the occasion of the „Technical Mission to Italy 2018“ organized by CSG Engineering; this led to an invitation to the Torri precast plant located in Brazil‘s southernmost state Rio Grande do Sul.

Both concrete producer and supplier

Torri see themselves as both concrete producer and supplier. Thus, the product portfolio comprises precast concrete elements for underground construction and civil engineering as well as system-related accessories. This includes: concrete manhole rings, stormwater retention basins/cisterns, small wastewater treatment plants, reinforced-concrete box sections for sewer systems and inspection purposes, pump wells, fermentation elements, oil and grease separator tanks (round or square), drinking fountains and cattle watering tanks (circular or linear), fire protection water storage tanks, core tanks, concrete grates, anaerobic filters, planters and reinforced-concrete manhole covers (square or round) in diameters of 40 to 320 cm and 60 to 100 mm thick, customized dimensions and designs are also possible.

This is added by metal and plastic elements such as manhole covers and manhole access aids, spacers, drainage pipes, cover caps, sealing strips in accordance with ASTM C990M-09, and much else.

Innovative family-owned business

Apart from Nabor Torri, the company founder and CEO, his wife Gladis Maria Kayser Torri, Financial Director, and their children, Jlia Betina Torri and Eduardo Kayser Torri, are also working in the company.

Director Eng. Jlia Torri explains: „My father Nabor is a real tinkerer and inventor, therefore, soon after the company foundation, he had already the idea to create a second mainstay, for one thing, in order to avoid additional purchases and, for another thing, to be able to supply other precast producers as well. Hence, we had been developing our plastic spacers for reinforcement with diameters of 15 to 50 mm to market maturity as early as 1986, for example, which was a pioneering achievement for the industry. Our Torri product brands, such as Caixafacil, Anelfacil, Basefacil, Espaçafacil and Selafacil are based on sophisticated technological concepts, reaching far beyond the usual industrial standard in Brazil at present.“

Excellent marketing and public relations

Besides the actual production, the company is also very active in all matters related to marketing and public relations. Therefore, Torri is a regular exhibitor at the Construsul in Porto Alegre, the definitely most important construction show in Rio Grande do Sul, being held every year in July. This year, the company was as well represented at the Concrete Show taking place in São Paulo mid-August – a worldwide leading trade fair of the concrete industry with many Brazilian and international exhibitors (see trade fair review in BFT 10/2019 page 58).

Nabor Torri saw his guest off with the statement: „In respect of environmental consciousness, we consider us as a kind of pioneer here, because all concrete products and accessories are manufactured for an efficient use with a long service life. Last but not least, we are going to modernize our production plant step by step in the near future, for this reason, we had already discussions with two European suppliers of concrete batching plants, among others; however, more will not be revealed yet.“

Text: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Silvio Schade


Torri Engenharia e Saneamento

Rua Caxias do Sul, 312

Novo Hamburgo - RS/Brazil

+55 51 3527-0703">

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