Stroyindustria/Weiler GmbH

Plant with modular concept for ­Stroyindustriya in Russia

For more than ten years, Weiler has maintained close contact to its Russian business partner Stroyindustriya. Weiler owner and CEO Matthias Holzberger and the General Manager of Stroyindustriya first met personally in 2004 and 2005, both in Germany and Russia.

During the following years, Weiler and its Russian business partner never lost sight of each other. Quite the opposite is true as the existing plans for the future were revised in 2012 after successful commissioning of a new Weiler MAX-truder in a turn-key plant in Uralsk, Kazakhstan. Two years later, the two parties finally decided to install a completely new Weiler plant in Samara.

“I quickly realized that this business relationship would be one characterized by kindness and, in particular, durability,” Matthias Holzberger explains. After signing the contract in spring 2015, the last trucks with machines were unloaded already at the end of the same year. After a short winter break, the plant was set up and put into operation until June 2016, and the first precast concrete products could be delivered to the Russian market.

“The modular concept of the Weiler MAX-truder is perfectly suitable for such a project, because one machine can produce hollow core panels for floors that are more than 40 cm high as well as for walls with a thickness between 8 and 15 cm,” says Holzberger. “Therefore, combined with the Weiler MULTI-caster, we planned to produce not only pre-stressed hollow core panels but also pre-stressed foundation piles and lintels, which were all new to the Russian market. Another new and special feature is the production of pre-stressed wall panels from lightweight concrete.”

From planning to implementation: all from one source

Apart from the bed production line, reinforced concrete columns and beams are produced with a twin-mold system, and an adjustable stair mold is used to manufacture precast concrete stairs.

The plant is complemented by a Weiler concrete batching unit as well as an automatic bucket conveyor and concrete distributor. It goes without saying that the most important Weiler machines are equipped with a remote maintenance system. This unique feature allows the Weiler service team to provide real-time support to client production operations via direct Wi-Fi links to key equipment.

The Weiler plant in Samara is the first turn-key plant from Weiler GmbH in the Russian Federation and offers both long-line production equipment that includes a MAX-truder for hollow-core floor slabs and partition wall panels as well as a MULTI-caster for pre-stressed foundation piles and lintels – everything from one source and Made in Germany.

The plant produces up to 175 m³ of precast concrete products per day on five production lines. Due to the special compaction method of the Weiler machines, almost 7,000 t of cement can be saved each year compared to previous production processes. This is equivalent to savings of about 36 million rubles (500,000 euros). The plant also showcases the latest Weiler innovations, such as a smart remote-control system for the main machines.

For its Weiler plant, Stroyindustriya has already signed a contract for over 12,000 pieces of foundation piles – equivalent to a total of 130,000 linear meters or 16.000 m³ of concrete that will be produced by the Weiler MULTI-caster in just 90 days.

The management of Stroyindustriya explains the recipe for success of this business relationship: “In all those years, we never lost sight of each other and determinedly worked on this project. Everyone experienced their own crises, but today we are proud that together with Weiler, we achieved our goal. Our trust in one another has been rewarded.”

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