Plant systems for the companies SW Umwelttechnik and Zecca Prefabbricati

In four countries, SW Umwelttechnik produces precast concrete elements in the sectors ranging from pipe engineering to retaining wall systems. In 2017, SW Umwelttechnik decided to modernize its plant systems and selected DornerBatch control solutions for this project. In Bucharest, four mixers are integrated in DornerBatch with one interface to three skip conveyors.

The locations in Hungary and Romania were modernized and, in 2019, a new plant was put into operation in the Hungarian town of Alsózsolca.

Challenge and solution

DornerBatch ensures the greatest possible batching precision, simple operation and maximum system reliability. It responds to all challenges of the precast industry in its field. With the DornerBatch Precast Edition, concrete ordering and spreading by skip conveyor is fully automatic. A user interface developed especially for the precast industry offers additional convenience. Visualization was optically enhanced and all components, including the skip conveyer, are now even more clearly displayed.

“With the DornerBatch Precast Edition, a high degree of automation has been achieved for this system. The control station must now no longer be occupied all day, since concrete ordering and spreading is now automatic. Now, considerably more concrete is produced with the same number of workers,” notes Berlinger, Project Manager at Dorner Electronic.

Result and future

The Pressure Transfer function is available together with the DornerBatch Precast Edition. This function enables optimized activation of the Würschum dry color weighing machines. The Würschum weighing machine on this Marcantonini system is controlled by DornerBatch, and the Rekers block machine is continuously charged by two mixers.

The Precast Edition from DornerBatch ensures optimized concrete quality – from automatic Concrete Call Management and concrete spreading to the processing machine. A simply operated user interface significantly supports the mixer operator.

The DornerBatch Precast Edition is already successfully in operation in several plants. Precast production with the DornerBatch Precast Edition takes place at locations that include Simem Novara in Italy, Stetter in Holland and Fehr in France.

State-of-the-art technologies, experience and ongoing development ensure the innovative edge. “With DornerBatch, only the sky is the limit”– and the development of the DornerBatch Precast Edition continues. The latest version includes special-purpose discharge programs for weighing machines and skip conveyers. These self-discharging modules significantly increase plant performance and concrete quality.

Every year, Dorner Electronic makes several updates available. In this way, customers profit from ongoing development and professional product management of their software is always up to date.

DornerBatch Precast Edition at Zecca Prefabbricati

The Italian partner Elettro Sigma, in collaboration with the plant-engineering firm WiTech, delivered and installed two DornerBatch Precast Edition to Zecca Prefabbricati S.p.a. for Cosio Valtellino. The DornerBatch Precast Edition was especially developed for precast plants. The benefits are:

Precision moisture measurement

High batching precision and

Increased production performance through optimized production processes (weighing – batching – mixing).

Zecca Prefabbricati has been manufacturing precast concrete elements and frame construction systems for more than 50 years. Double pitch roofs with gigantic spans from 8 to 50 m enable column spacing from 5 to 12.5 m in an exceptional range. WiTech Concrete Technology based in Corbetta works with systems of all kinds.

Zecca decided on a software solution from Dorner Electronic and benefits from its ongoing development and professional product management. With the up-date option for the DornerBatch Precast Edition, Zecca always keeps abreast of the state of the art. An additional decision criterion was the onsite service and support partner Elettro Sigma, provided by Dorner Electronic.

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