Paving block and masonry design award

Redotto-RC made by braun-steine is the winner of the Focus Open Gold international design award presented by the Baden-Württemberg Design Center. The block clearly demonstrates that sustainability and design do not exclude each other. The jury appreciated the aesthetic appearance of the Redotto-RC block: „The individual look and texture of the block do not immediately reveal that it is a recycled product and provide it with a specific visual quality.“

Redotto-RC is available in a neutral gray or a reddish-brown shade of gray with visible aggregates. The paving block is made of 45 % recycled grit and the masonry block even contains 70 % of reusable materials. The Focus Open jury considers Redotto-RC as a signal to the entire building materials industry. About 566 million tons of aggregates are use in building construction, civil engineering and road construction. Only 27 % recycled materials are used in the production of asphalt and concrete blocks, as has been written in the 11th Monitoring Bericht Kreislaufwirtschaft Bau (monitoring report of the German circular economy organization in the field of construction) (2016 survey).

At their facilities in Amstetten and Tübingen in Southern Germany, the braun-steine group of companies is producing, with a workforce of about 100 people, high-quality concrete products for landscape design. Apart from the Redotto-RC block, the range of well-known branded products includes the Arena paver, the Santuro masonry block or the Mahora decking with a wood texture.

braun-steine GmbH
Hauptstraße 5-7
73340 Amstetten/Germany
+49 7331 3003-0

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