“Particularly close to the construction materials industry”

To elaborate on this topic, the BFT editor-in-chief conducted an interview with Wolfgang Salmen, Manager Product Technology Mortars & Admixtures Europe, and Maximilian Möllhoff, Manager Sales Admixtures Central Europe, of Cemex Admixtures GmbH.

BFT International: How would you briefly describe the field of business of Cemex Admixtures?

W. Salmen: We develop and produce concrete admixtures and cement grinding aids that enhance the construction materials and reduce the carbon footprint of concrete and cement. Our task is to develop and test these products and to verify their conformance to European and other standards. After all, Cemex is the only construction materials producer worldwide covering all four relevant business lines: mineral raw materials, cement, ready-mixed concrete and admixtures.

BFT International: Which part of your work is particularly attractive to you?

W. Salmen: I particularly like working on technological innovations especially in the high-performance segment, including self-compacting, high-strength and high-resistance concretes, as well as serving diverse, international markets that all come with specific challenges.

M. Möllhoff: Personally, I greatly appreciate the innovation power of the admixtures unit as such. The international focus of our business is also very interesting to me, which we enjoy thanks to our close cooperation with the corporate research and development center in Switzerland.

BFT International: According to you, which are the advantages for a construction chemicals producer based in Germany arising from being a member of a multinational group such as Cemex?

W. Salmen: Within the company, strategic cooperation happens at the international level, where we jointly develop optimal solutions. The global admixtures team has been collaborating very closely for over 25 years.

BFT International: What is the unique selling proposition of Cemex Admixtures as a construction chemicals producer?

M. Möllhoff: In Germany, Cemex is the only construction materials company operating independently of the chemical industry thanks to the work done at Cemex Admixtures. Yet this setup is also beneficial for our admixtures customers in the construction materials industry because, under the umbrella of Cemex, we, as the admixture-producing unit, have very close ties to the industry, which our customers can capitalize on in their daily business.

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