Submitted by Cerib

Optimization of product manufacturing on vibratory presses

This innovation submitted by Cerib relates to the control and optimization of the product manufacturing process on vibratory presses. The invention makes it possible to detect and locate machinery malfunctions, to identify potentials for process improvement, to ease maintenance, and to optimize production cycle times.

Monitoring and diagnostics

Vibratory presses are highly valuable production machines that require special attention. Any disruption to their operation will inevitably have an adverse effect on the productivity of the entire production line. Maintenance, monitoring and diagnostics of presses are complex, time-consuming tasks. The high output and flexibility that such machines provide in terms of the range of manufactured items (different shapes including blocks, curbs, pavers, and associated products) require exceedingly close monitoring and supervision in order to detect and remedy malfunctions.

Centre d’études et de recherches de l’industrie du béton (Cerib)
1 rue des longs Réages
28233 Épernon/France
+33 237 184800

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