New wire straightening and cutting system placed on the market

For nearly 60 years, the company mbk has been placing modern machine concepts on the market that set new industry standards. The company is based in Kisslegg in Germany. There all its ideas are developed, constructed and implemented for its innovative welding systems for the most diverse applications. Customers from the steel, construction and concrete industry in more than 60 countries of the world profit from its continuing innovative strength, its high degree of individualization and its sustainable service orientation.

Now, just in time for the wire 2020 trade show, mbk will present a new product: the DRA-16-M – a new system for straightening, cutting and bending reinforcing wire from coil – with many benefits.

The new wire straightening and cutting system for straightening, cutting and bending reinforcing wire from coil is designed to positively influence streamlined daily production routines. Wire diameters of 6/8/10/12/14/16 mm are within its broad processing spectrum; 6 rotors ensure smooth workflow. The maximum production length is 14,000 mm. The minimum production length is 500 mm. The straightening speed can be controlled up to 140 m/min.


Stable production process

The standard version of the DRA-16-M is available for right-hand operation, i.e. as seen from the operator control point; the wire is fed to the machine from the right side. The direction of production is from right to left, and bar removal is from the left side. The machine is fitted with a clockwise turning reel with adjustable reel mounting for a coil diameter of 370 - 900 mm on the inside and a max. of 1,200 mm on the outside. The coil weight ranges at around 3,000 kg, but is optionally available for 5,000 kg.

The feed unit is synchronized with the rotor straightening unit, which supports a stable production process. The straightening rotors are fitted with hard-metal straightening elements, ensuring outstanding wear resistance and short maintenance times – to name only a few advantages. The stationary cutters are also a part of a stable, precise and cost-efficient production. Flying cutters are optionally available.

The standard design of the DRA-16-M for reinforcement shops also includes wire ejection of the cut reinforcement on the operator’s side. Here, wire lengths beginning at 1 m can be bundled, and wire lengths of under 1 m are allowed to drop in free fall, e.g., into a basket. One of the special features of this new construction is that an optional design with wire ejection on both sides is available.

Another useful option is the double-bender for manufacture of Z-bending (BF4) for precast concrete elements and floor slab production. With this additional application, the most diverse range of customer requirements can be considered and satisfied.

PLC control and Soft PLC ensure the stable processes of the DRA-16-M. The machine, moreover, does not require hydraulics, which results in low maintenance. The machine, it goes without saying, complies with all technical and safety specifications in accordance with CE conformity.


Extensive accessory program

In order to offer its customers the best possible solutions for every application, mbk brings all of its new developments to the market with an extensive accessory program – also for the DRA-16-M. Accordingly, the DRA-16-M, in addition to wire ejection on both sides (as already mentioned above), is also optionally available with LAN connectivity as well as a double-bender for Z-bending (BF4). Also optionally offered are the definition and precise location of the interfaces from the master computer and for wire transfer (interface 1 for feeding the circulation system, and interface 2 for production, e.g. double-walls, solid-walls and floor slabs).

Since the machine is delivered not only as a stand-alone, but also in communication with existing circulation systems, the desired and reliable procedures must also be ensured. This can be achieved by definition and precise definition of the interfaces and the security technology – which is optionally possible as well.

The company mbk also offers additional features in the area of sorting technology for reinforcement spacers. Its optimized sorting technology is integrated into the machine –both mechanically and with respect to control systems. Sorting technology – for example, sorting pots and feed rails – were optimized, and the spacer has been re-engineered, adjusted to various spacer diameters and further developed.

The wire straightening and cutting plant with double-bender – DRA-16-M – is a new development that will simplify everyday production in many companies.

The company keeps in mind a clear vision of the future and of investment security – this is what its high-quality after-sales service and customer support team stand for.

mbk Maschinenbau GmbH
Friedrich-List-Str. 19
88353 Kisslegg/Germany
+49 7563 9131-0

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