New umbrella brand from PUK, Jordahl and H-Bau Technik

The world of building is becoming ever more complex, with many different contact partners for different areas of application. Pohlcon from Berlin enables simpler and more efficient planning. The new umbrella brand of the manufacturers of the PUK Group, Jordahl and H-Bau Technik, bundles the competencies and the product range of three brands. Pohlcon, as central contact partner for ten product categories in seven areas of applications, actively supports customers in planning, building and outfitting buildings.

Pohlcon combines the competencies of the three brands PUK, Jordahl and H-Bau Technik into comprehensive knowhow. Pohlcon, as reliable partner, ensures a smooth project flow from construction planning to installation of technical building services, saving work, time and costs. Joint marketing of the product range of PUK, Jordahl and H-Bau Technik leads to coordinated solutions for the various applications, trades and construction phases.

Three brands with more than 200 years of competence

Pohlcon supplies planners, architects and processors with a comprehensive product range, with everything at one stop – and therefore the best of three brands with more than 200 years of bundled competence. The company is able to react flexibly at any time and can produce special solutions as well. Every requirement is reliably covered: ranging from multi-family homes and office blocks to industrial plants. The areas of application comprise industrial halls, precast concrete elements, balconies, masonry façades, floor slabs and columns, tunnels and elevator shafts. Pohlcon product categories combine sealing, fastening, reinforcement, cable-carrier and subfloor systems, façade fastening systems, sound insulation, connections and thermal insulation. The management of Pohlcon is shared by Michael Pantelmann and Daniela Veit.

In addition to the bundled product portfolio of the three brands, Pohlcon offers continuous further development of its digital applications. These include Building Information Modeling (BIM) for more efficient digital planning of building structures. The BIM files are available in the format Revit and IFC, or are created application-oriented to meet specific requirements. Pohlcon offers, furthermore, additional software solutions free of charge that enable customers technically reliable and efficient planning independent of the design situation.

PUK Group since 1969 on the market

The PUK Group, as globally active family-run company group in the electrical installation segment, has since 1969 developed and produced reliable products and high-quality assembly solutions for technical building services (TBS) for techHVAC systems. These include cable-carrier and underfloor systems as well as substructures for solar panel systems.

PUK, as established medium-sized company, has supplied solutions for the buildings of tomorrow and manufactures the products at the two German locations in Berlin and Schönecken (Eifel region) for 50 years. The central installation department in Berlin supervises large-scale projects in Germany and abroad, and the Group’s experienced site managers provide flexible and customer-oriented support for processing and installation on location.

More than 100 years of Jordahl

Jordahl is known for more than 100 years of experience in fastening, reinforcement, connection and assembly technology, as well as in façade connection systems. The Berlin company has since 1907 connected concrete, steel, heavy loads and more with its high-quality and tailor-made products. Jordahl products of time-tested quality from one of the pioneers in the area of fastenings and reinforcement technology are in use worldwide.

Jordahl’s famous anchor channels, a milestone in construction engineering, have had a lasting impact on international architecture. Nearly all the products have been awarded European Technical Approval (ETA) as well as general approvals (abZ). In 1977, the shareholder family Pohl, which is also part of the PUK Group, acquired Jordahl.

H-Bau Technik founded in 1977

H-Bau Technik has been active as supplier for the concrete and precast concrete sector since 1977. The company, located in Klettgau in South Baden, Germany, was acquired by the shareholder family Pohl in 2001. H-Bau Technik stands for high standards in construction engineering and targeted orientation to the costumer’s requirements. The requirements of customers always come first, which is why brands can also be individually developed and manufactured with high flexibility.

The product range of H-Bau Technik extends the Pohlcon portfolio in the seven product categories of sealing, thermal insulation, formwork, sound insulation, reinforcement, connection and accessories. H-Bau Technik manufactures at its three German locations in Klettgau, Chemnitz and Wachow in the Mark Brandenburg region.

Pohlcon Vertriebs GmbH
Nobelstraße 51
12057 Berlin/Germany
+49 30 68283-283

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