New system solution for precast plant and
construction site

The company Nevoga, in Freilassing, Germany, has been active since 1958 in developing and producing plastic profiles and plastic spacers. In the course of time, keeping abreast of the requirements of the market, the company has extended its offerings by a number of products. The product range is continuously optimized and broadened: e.g., by its leading products Plexus, Pyraplex, Druspitz-Plus, Razzo-Plus, HWD-Pplus, spacers for fiber and cast concrete, Oktagon-Plus and column formwork.

Nevoga just recently developed the HWD-Plus + Multi-Monti-plus SSK system solution for secure erection of double walls with alignment columns and corner angles. With the Nevoga system, approved in January, the company applied to this year’s Innovation Prize of the Supplier Industry for Concrete Components. The prize is awarded during the 64th BetonTage.

The application sector is the temporary on-site erection of double walls with inclined (columns) (props) (Schrägstützen) on the ground or floor slab. With HWD-Plus in the wall element, only the use of a screw-type of the Multi-Monti-plus SSK 16 x 130 is required.

Application advantages in the precast plant:

High-quality raw material used for consistent quality of HWD-Plus;

HWD-Plus, which consists of one part with integrated bonding plates, with predetermined breaking point, marking rings for application of hot-meld adhesive;

Smallest-possible dimensions of the HWD-Plus for reducing any conflicts with closed-meshed reinforcement in the precast plant, in contrast to conventional anchorages;

Easy positioning on the formwork with hot-meld adhesive or adhesive pads;

High visibility of the HWD-Plus due to yellow signal color, also after casting and compaction of the element form;

Easy checking of correct positioning;

Also possibility for use as leveling aid for the in practice typical wall thickness of 55-60 in precast plants.


Application advantages at the construction site:

System consists of only two components;

At the construction site only one screw-type, the Multi-Monti-plus SSK 16 x 130 system screw/concrete screw is required for erecting the wall elements;

Usable by machine;

Elimination of possible mix-ups (wall/floor screws);

No change of tools required for floor and wall erection;

Reliable application, no hidden erection errors possible;

Lowering of the risk potential in erection of wall elements;

Improvement of safety at the construction site;

Push-through installation


Tested load values for application of HWD-Plus with safety coefficients (abZ for HWD-Plus in test);

No defined tightening torque required;

No over-torqueing possible;

Erection end clearly apparent;

System screw with hexagon head, press-on disc and cone;

System screw reusable;

Application area of the system screw for hole diameter 17-23 mm in alignment column shoes (or erection angles);

The cone below the head pulls the column shoe against the wall element;

Virtually non-wearing use of the system screw in double-wall dowel (HWD-Plus);

System screw approved by the building authorities for use in young concrete from a compressive concrete strength of fc,cube > 10 N/mm² (ground slab);

Reduction of the erection components to a minimum;

No expansion pressure;

Monitored system components;

Construction flow optimization by HWDPSet erection set – all components required for erection of the double-wall elements in one bucket.

Nevoga GmbH
Znaimer Str. 4
83395 Freilassing/Germany
+49 8654 4731-0

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