Wastewater treatment

New process without the use of electric power

While the highly industrialized countries, and especially Germany, spend sleepless nights because nanoparticles and pharmaceutical residues are detectable in treated wastewater, other places in the world have to deal with the problems caused by untreated wastewater. But ultimately, we live on the same planet. Untreated wastewater released into the environment in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and sometimes even large parts of Europe, will eventually come to us via the oceans.

Altogether, up to 90% of the wastewater generated worldwide is not treated at all or is treated insufficiently prior to being released into the environment. Due to this contamination, nature is already reaching its limits today. For most countries, however, complex and expensive technologies are neither financially feasible nor manageable. This has prompted us to develop a scalable technology for the treatment of municipal wastewater that is operated without requiring electric power. The MAGECO OCEAN system sets a new standard in this regard, making wastewater treatment affordable for the world population.

The plants are of compact design and can be installed entirely below ground. They do not pollute the environment through odor nuisance or noise. Due to the extremely small amount of sludge forming, the plant requires almost no maintenance during operation. The treated water can be safely reused as technical water. With the help of the optional MAGECO-MDT water filter, it is even possible to produce drinking water. In addition, the biogas produced during the treatment process can be collected and used for power generation.

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