New impulses for colorful building presented

At Bauma 2016, Lanxess plans to demonstrate how inorganic pigments can effectively and sustainably bring color to architecture and infrastructure. The specialty chemicals group, jointly with its sales partner Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH, will present its line of internationally successful inorganic pigments at Bauma, the world’s largest construction trade show, in Munich from 11 to 17 April.

More than 40 color shades of the Lanxess iron-oxide Bayferrox line, and its Colortherm chrome oxide pigments brand can make cities more colorful and livable. These products enable aesthetically more attractive, reliable, and sustainable design and production of many and various building materials: for example, precast concrete, in-situ concrete, concrete roofing tiles, concrete paving blocks, and asphaltic surfaces.

Colored concrete for heavily trafficked areas

For many years, Lanxess has provided architects, planners, and building contractors new impulses with its initiative “Colored Concrete Works.” A completed project example is Rosenplatz square in the German city of Osnabrück, where design, aesthetics, and functionality have been ideally combined with colored concrete for an urban renewal project.

Owing to the requirements of vehicle traffic and the heavily trafficked multi-lane urban street, Rosenplatz square in this large urban environment in the German state of Lower Saxony no longer did credit to its name. In the course of time, the beds of roses that had given the square its name gradually gave way to colorless asphalt and concrete. Following implementation of the design by the architect Oliver Borman from the company yellow z urbanism architecture, and by the landscape architect Martin Diekmann from lad+ Landschaftsarchitektur Diekmann, Rosenplatz square at long last was given back its original amenity values.

As a key design element for the road surfacing, concrete colored with Bayferrox pigments in four different shades of rosé, made a vital contribution to this enhancement. Irregularly spaced trees and insular green areas installed in combination with the colored road surface break up the monotony of customary traffic surfaces.

Two-layer casting process

The result, according to the manufacturer, is unique in Germany – from both aspects of aesthetics and of technology. Thanks to a two-layer concrete casting process, the highly unusual color pattern used to visually enliven the public road space meets the strict mechanical requirements placed on highways with heavy-duty vehicle traffic.

Detailed information on this project can be found in the case study “Rosenplatz, Osnabrück.” On the occasion of Bauma 2016, the latest issue of the publication series “Colored Concrete Works” from Lanxess will be available in nine languages for Bauma by downloading from the Internet. The printed version can be ordered by e-mail at">. More information on the products, their applications, technical service, and much more is also available on the Internet.

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