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New grid reinforcement provides greater performance

This innovation transfers the GRID technology from research to construction practice, according to Solidian. The new Carbongrid mesh makes this novel material easier to use in day-to-day practice while also increasing its cost efficiency. In comparison to both conventional steel mesh and commonly used non-metallic solutions, customers enjoy a large number of added benefits thanks to the upgraded performance of the new product range.

Upgrade boosts performance

The current non-metallic Solidian Grid reinforcement range will be upgraded from summer 2020. The new grid reinforcement will provide significantly enhanced characteristics, namely a much greater performance. Its mean fracture stress mx, for instance, amounts to up to 4,500 N/mm² with an associated coefficient of variation vx of 0.05, in contrast to currently available carbon mesh (mx = 3,200 N/mm²; vx = 0.1).

This corresponds to a performance increase by almost 50%. Likewise, the new range comes at a significantly lower price resulting from greater material utilization. In addition, product dimensions are aligned with those of currently used steel mesh and the standard size enlarged to 6.00 m × 2.30 m, which eases large-scale installation thanks to the reduced number of joints. The low mesh weight equals only about one tenth of conventional steel mesh, thus ensuring very easy product handling and lowering the cost of installation. The new range is sufficiently flexible to also cater for larger sizes up to a width of 3 m and a length of 100 m. Customers will also benefit from increased productivity as a result of greater security of supply.

All of the above comes on top of the known benefits of non-metallic types of reinforcement. The upgraded product range makes it possible to produce thin and slender yet durable structural concrete components. Currently applied concrete covers of several centimeters can be reduced to only a few millimeters since carbon and glass fibers will not corrode.

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