New generation of superplasticizers Pantafloor PEP360 FM

With Pantafloor PEP360 (FM), Ha-Be Betonchemie has developed a phosphate-treated superplasticizer of the latest generation. The high-performance product is suited for both ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete elements.

Pantafloor PEP360 (FM) is another product of the recently introduced Pantafloor series, which comprises concrete admixtures for industrial floors. „The concrete properties achieved by Pantafloor PEP360 (FM) are particularly appropriate for industrial flooring and/or applications where customers have reservations about PCE-based superplasticizers“, explains Ingo Husmann, technical manager at Ha-Be Betonchemie. „This high-performance and easy-to-use PEP-based concrete is a real alternative to PCE-based concretes in the field of industrial flooring. Due to the good plasticizing effect and the development of high early strengths, the product is also very well suited for precast concrete elements and architectural concrete, for example.”

Ha-Be Betonchemie GmbH
Stüvestr. 39
31785 Hameln/Germany
+49 5151 587-0

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