New generation of Syntheton straightening and double bending machines

Having set new standards in the straightening of rebar and wire by Eurobend with the maintenance-free 5G rotor system, Eurobend goes one step further by combining the new 5G rotor in the Syntheton series with an innovative double-bending system for bidirectional bending.

The Syntheton series with the 5G rotors offers a number of advantages: The latest 5G rotors ensure excellent straightening quality, better than 1/1000, without damaging the rebar ribs, even with highly ductile material, such as rebar of ductility class „C“ and for diameters up to 25 mm. After processing, the material properties and the ribs height are hardly affected.

Machines are available with up to seven rotors or diameters, which process several diameters up to 25 mm. Each rotor is dedicated to a diameter and is factory set. No downtime for adjusting the rollers, as with the systems with rotors using straightening dies.

The last piece of the coil, after being straightened out, is forwarded in the direction of production, thanks to the sophisticated bar extractor unit (patent), The new coil can then be guided directly into the machine with the aid of the powered pre-straightening and guiding units, without any adjustments of the rotor rollers. As a result, time-consuming coil feeding with butt-welding devices becomes superfluous, especially when processing big diameters.

A robotic coil opening system allows easy and rapid coil opening and wire guiding into the machine without operator intervention. This system is particularly advantageous for the large diameters of 20 and 25 mm.

Innovative features

In addition, there are a number of innovative features in the double bending modules that ensure the maximum flexibility of Syntheton machines: Diameter change in approx. 2 seconds thanks to the Eurobend convergence system without moving mechanical parts (patent).

A bending radius change takes place in „0“ time. All bending radii are located on a retractable bending tool directly on the bending modules. In addition, the system offers bending radii up to 10 ds and even allows the production of different bending radii within the same stirrup. The bending process and positioning of the bending modules are carried out with outmost precision using advanced servo technology.

The innovative design of the Syntheton system allows for maximum flexibility, order-oriented production. Small orders with different diameters and bending shapes can be produced consecutively, without any time losses. The sophisticated and compact yet simple design of the Syntheton ensures easily accessible parts and long maintenance intervals.

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