Diamant Metallplastic

New flowable epoxy-resin mortar for grouting concrete

Diamant Metallplastic, the German specialist for polymers and coatings, introduces a newly developed grouting mortar for the construction industry – an additional product for rapid smoothing of irregular surfaces. EP-Flow, an extremely flowable and rapidly hardening epoxy resin, closes gaps and hollow spaces for 100 % load transmission and form locking.

The grouting mortar is suitable for application beginning with a coating of 10 cm and is used as intermediate layer for steel and concrete elements as well as between concrete elements. It requires no hardening in the air or reworking, as is the case with water-based systems. In addition, there is none of the shrinkage otherwise found.


Grouting mortar for concrete elements and more

Thanks to the optimal viscosity of this material, both large and extremely small cavities can be filled with excellent results – and the material is also self-levelling after application. Its high stability ensures absolute dimensional conformity, even under changing environmental conditions – for example, with fluctuating temperatures and humidity. The new grouting mortar, moreover, possesses high compressive strength and is both weather- and corrosion-resistant. EP-Flow from Diamant Metallplastic, compared to mineral grouting systems, hardens very quickly and exhibits high strength after only 60 minutes.

These properties make EP-Flow suitable for use in numerous areas of applications, including hydraulic concrete and steel structures. Among its typical possibilities are grouting work for steel and concrete columns, rail systems, lock gates, reinforcement, grouting below bearings, as well as steel and wind energy towers.

Application is extremely practice-oriented. The grouting mortar compound is mixed with a stirrer and then applied to the surface to be treated. In this way it is possible to fill larger areas within a very short time.

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