New block height measuring system for concrete blocks

One of the main quality characteristics in concrete block production is the uniform height of the individual blocks. Precise measuring of the products during production is therefore of enormous importance. The SHV500 block height measuring system from R&W enables non-contact measurements with three high-resolution remote laser distance sensors with a precision of +/- 0. 5 mm, which, according to the manufacturer, is more precise than conventional measurements of form and imposed load.

In addition to the modular construction of the measuring systems, with up to three sensors, the new SHV500 offers a range of equipment and extension options such as board weighing, color marking, integrated Web visualization as well as R&W SHV-VISU Software for archiving and evaluation.

Equipment components

The SHV500 consists of the main components HCS500 block height measuring sensor, positioning slide, aluminum profile frame and switch box. Available as optional equipment are R&W SHV-VISU software, industry PC, PC cabinet system, printer, color marker, components for board weighing and the R&W PAVE-IT Production Data Management System.

The block height sensor consists of a laser path sensor with a measuring range of 500 mm, a measuring frequency of 2,500 measurements per second and an integrated µ-controller for measuring and displaying the block heights. Display of the product heights takes place with a resolution of 0.1 mm. The sensor is rated with IP65 protection. The delivery scope comprises an Ethernet cable and an IO cable with ready-to-use plugs. The HCS500 sensor has a Web server with which the measured data can be displayed on a PC. For displaying the measured data, the HCS500 sensor can be connected to a commercial PC with Internet browser.

The aluminum profile frame is designed to mount up to three laser sensors, which are mounted on carriages. The transverse bar is adjustable in height to adapt to local conditions and is fitted with a protective hood for the sensors. The frame is installed above the board conveyor for the production boards. Profiled tube frames for mounting on walls are also available.

The switch box consists of network electronic, go- and no-go signals, horn and potential-free relays for signal exchange with external controls. The HCS500 sensor generates adjacent signals that can be transmitted to the control unit of the concrete block machine via potential-free relays. The delivery scope comprises, in addition, operating instructions and wiring diagrams of the measuring system in German and English.

Functional mode

The SHV500 is positioned as closely as possible behind the block machine and above the board conveyor. The concrete blocks that move below the equipment are scanned without contact by up to three lasers and are measured with a precision of +/- 0.5 mm. The measuring range of the block height is from 30 mm to 480 mm.

For determining the height, the system records the relative height between the upper edge of the board and the upper edge of the block. This measuring principle is not influenced by the fluctuating heights and qualities of the production boards. The heights of the rows of blocks are recorded with up to 2,500 measurements per second. For calculation of the product height, only the relevant characteristics of the product surfaces are evaluated.

The laser sensors are mounted on an axis of an aluminum section on horizontally moving slides. These slides make it possible to adapt the measurement position to the currently measured object. This is necessary when different products are to be measured.


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