New Slabflex wetcast production line installed at Bachl

The company Karl Bachl GmbH & Co. KG looks back on a long, successful company history. Starting in 1926, initially with a brick plant, a corporate group with a workforce of by now around 1,800 in Germany and abroad developed in the course of decades.

After the hermetic slab press had gotten on in years, Bachl decided to invest in a wetcast production line. This industrial system is optimally suited for the production of garden and landscape building products as well as guide systems for the blind. At Bachl, a SlabFlex line from BFS has been in operation since 2016. The special feature of this plant is that on it slabs of variable sizes can be manufactured. Formats from 20 x 20 cm to 100 x 100 cm and a construction height of max. 25 cm are possible.

 The pallets are placed in one or two rows on the production line and loaded with up to six polyurethane molds. Intexmo GmbH, Ehingen, Germany, delivered the molds including suitable production boards with wooden support frames. “Because we had supplied a complete solution, Bachl was able to integrate the production boards, including the molds, directly in the production line,” explained Jürgen Steiger, Managing Director of Intexmo.

The pallets, bearing the molds, are automatically destapled on the buffer station and are subsequently cycled onward to the cleaning station.


Wetcast process in increasing demand

In Germany, as well as internationally, products manufactured by the wetcast process are gaining increasing popularity. “The authentic natural stone or wood look is greatly valued. With this process, it is moreover possible to create extraordinary surface structures,” enumerates Steiger the advantages. Requests for colors and color combinations can also be met without limitations. Intexmo reproduces the molds to meet the individual requirements in its own model-building department based on original samples of stone or wood. Intexmo offers, in addition, product-specific support frames made of wood, aluminum and steel. “Special productions, for example CNC-milled surfaces or specially designed stone geometries are, of course, always possible,” emphasizes Steiger.

The company’s founders Thomas Hergöth, Jürgen Reiser and Jürgen Steiger look back on more than ten-years’ experience in the manufacture of wetcast molds.


BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH

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Intexmo GmbH

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